Electro-Mechanical & Plumbing Works

MEP is a broad part of the building operations that entails three key fields of the construction process and is integrated into all phases of the life of a project that includes design and the execution process when actual construction is taking place. Their application is quite dynamic since they require the initial setup, their effectiveness while functioning, as well as their constant maintenance when in operation. Their installation does not merely entail a one-time deal by a vendor through a manual, however, it entails the constant estimation of their effectiveness throughout the project’s lifespan.


The MEP services offered by WTS includes

  • Installation of PPR pipes water supply (high and low level)
  • Installation of PVC pipes draining works
  • Installation of clarifier tanks with fitting connections
  • Installation of submersible pumps
  • Installation of DEWA water pressure pipe (UPVC)
  • Installation of all pump types
  • Installation works
  • Installation of Solar Panels
  • Installation of power points/backbox and piping fixing
  • Installation, addressing, testing, and commissioning of electrical D
  • Installation of all cable tray and trunk sizing between 50mm and 900mm.


Fire Fighting:

  • Installation of firefighting pipes
  • Installation of firefighting hose reel
  • Installation of fire hose reel cabinet