Ecologically Sustainable Development Studies

We believe, as the WBC that sustainability surpasses environmental protection. Paying attention to the needs of our clients and tailoring them to conform to the environmental standards is part of our aim as a team in the engineering service provision.

WBC consists of several highly trained and eminently certified professionals, who ensure that our work in sustainable building design meets the very highest of standards. Our projects are to determine the quantities of greenhouse gas emissions following:

  • ISO 14064-1-2
  • ASHRAE 90.1
  • Advanced Sustainability and energy saving
  • Support in achieving Carbon Accreditation
  • Support in creating carbon action plans aimed at reducing emissions to offset them, following Carbon neutral procedures
  • Carbon reduction
  • Creating Carbon management systems and fully integrating them into pre-existing management processes.


The engineering sector has so far been regarded as a key player in climate change. Instances such as global warming, unprecedented precipitation and increased sun’s intensity are normally catalyzed by the effects of wastes from the construction works. These are majorly accounted for through the carbon footprints that has been the root cause of the inexorable threats faced by the world. As the WBC community, we have postulated ways of keeping environmental degradation in check through;

  • Improve people’s health and well-being
  • Use affordable, clean energy
  • Use green infrastructure to create jobs and build the economy
  • Spur innovation and contribute to climate-resilient infrastructure.
  • Become the fabric of sustainable communities and cities
  • Use circular principles, where resources are not wasted
  • Produce fewer emissions, help combat climate change
  • Improve biodiversity, save water resources, and help protect the forests
  • Create strong global partnerships, our services.
  • sustainability assessment
  • water-efficient fixtures selection
  • energy saving details
  • led lightings selection
  • solar water heater
  • return on investment
  • Advantages of Smart HVAC Systems in Green Buildings:
  • They require low maintenance and operation costs
  • They possess maximum energy efficiency for reduced environmental impact
  • They exhibit enhanced indoor air quality
  • They are a sure source of absolute comfort and security
  • They have optimized natural lighting and well-designed supplementary lighting for ergonomic living spaces
  • Increased productivity in offices
  • Overall physical and mental well-being

Feasible non-Conventional Sources of Energy in the UAE:

Geothermal Cooling:

A GSHP transfers heat to or from the ground, using the earth as a heat source in winter and heat sink in summer. Constant underground temperatures aid inefficient heating/cooling all year round.  They exhibit zero impact on the environment.

Solar Cooling:

Solar evacuated tube collectors collect solar energy. The energy collected is transmitted into a solar absorption chiller utilizing a heat transfer fluid (HTF). The HTF ensures maximum heat transfer and results in energy­ efficient air cooling.