The Team

Khalid Ashour Jasim Al Azawi
Khalid Ashour Jasim Jabery
General Manager
Khaled is a strategist, an administrator and a planner. He is skilled in staff development and the making and maintenance of the performance indicators.

Khalid is specialized in the designing and coordinating the preparation of construction drawings, planning and cost control.
He holds many roles with the governmental agencies that include ADWEA, ADDC, ADSS, PWDGASCO, DMW, MUSANADAH, GAFZA, SEWA, DEWA, MOH, & ADNOC.
He has a team of engineers whom he manages and guides through the operations of the company.
Khalid has a desire to achieve which is to impact the lives of other engineers with innovative inventions within the sector.
Khalid is a holder of a Master degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Al Mustansiriyah, Iraq, with 25 years’ experience in MEP.

Mohanad Al Iewer
Project Construction Manager
A Civil Engineering professional with known ability to think outside the box in difficult circumstances. Born in Syria and raised in UAE. With 17 years of experience in Construction with a Master’s degree of Civil Engineering in Technical Institute University in Hummus, Syria. Mohanad heads up our installation side of the business effortlessly. He was developed a strong relationship with both office and site staff, and is simply the person we all like and trust. A Civil Engineer is an old soul with a wise head but stays young by playing cards! .
Dr. Omar Al-Eenezi
Dr Omar Al-Eenezi
Omar is a sensitive leader in terms of moral, collaborative, and ethical standards of the company. He serves with great passion in the designing, optimization, and the implementation of practical and measurable environmental, health and safety EHS sustainability program that is aimed at improving the quality in the water system management and removal, renewable energy production and management, power consumption optimization & demand load management, irrigation system, smart city and recycling management. He is an empath that can understand situations in the big picture as well as the finer details.

The normal operations of the company are organized and coordinated by Dr Omar. He is very sensitive in terms of moral, collaborative, and ethical standards of the company. He has diligently served over the years as a role model and the pacesetter for every team member in the company at large

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He has more than 40 years of experience spent in more than one field, in many countries and international houses of expertise, whether in the field of petroleum (O.A.P.E.C), Petrochemical Industry, Electromechanical contracting, Security and Safety systems (Low current systems), Laboratories.
In addition to the above, he has the ability and experience in enterprise management and human resource leadership.
He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Baghdad University – Iraq.
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Reuben Francis Thomas
Site Incharge Engineer
Reuben holds a Tech. in Mechanical Engineering from Sree Buddha College of Engineering, University of Kerala. He is a professional experienced in Technical Coordination, Preparations, implementations and monitoring of most Mechanical related works for the company as specified in the drawings. He is an expert in the material allocation, estimation and assignment of manpower with up to 5 years’ experience with 3 different projects in U.A.E.