Achieving proficiency and stability within the organization has been the focus of every member of the WTS LLC community. Our team has ensured that the company, at any time, is in the best position to exhaustively provide the engineering services within our niche in the most affordable way. Our team is well informed of the environmental standards and each member offers their skills in the most environmentally friendly technique, for we know the devastating effects that engineering services can impact on the environment.

We are an insured organization that assures clients of the most responsible financial management as well as quality optimization to ensure that our clients always win in whichever direction the project results.

WTS LLC is an established company where you’ll encounter a pool of technical skills that will enable you to customize your desired project to your needs in a seemingly effortless way. Moreover, we have established a financial muscle that has enabled us to carry out most of the projects in advance before clients approve payment during handover.


Our three major sustainability goals
1. Sustainability in the construction process

The biggest challenge often experienced in the construction process is sustainability. The materials often used in the construction process include the scares resources that are often very expensive, therefore, ensuring that their use is sensitively controlled to minimize additional expenses on the side of the client as well as for WTS at large. The potential environmental degradation is consciously put in check in terms of light, noise, air, water, and the general beauty of the earth’s surface. WTS also has a community that is conscious of the welfare of endangered species within their natural habitat and ensures that their environs are well protected and conserved for their existence in the ecosystem at large. We as a community are also aware of the social impacts that a project might have in the economy and we ensure that every stakeholder impacted with any given project is well compensated.


2. Sustainable Designs

0We have an objective as a community to ensure that the architectural designs are within the versatility standards, since we are in a world that experiences constant changes in every sector, and to enable future usability of any given project, we design with the best skills to ensure it can accommodate the future potential needs.


3. Longevity Needs

We as WTS community are conscious of the longevity needs for any given project, we consider conservative designs that last long through the use of renewable resources that are readily available within the economy. Creating a green environment is our sole purpose through the adoption of environmentally friendly resources in the engineering sector that has been a key player in environmental degradation.