• Personal safety gear must always be provided to any individual visiting or operating within our site.
  • Control of wastes such as spilt oil, smoke volumes, wastewater and other materials in addition to sound and light quantities to the environment for the health of people around and other species inhabiting our areas of influence
  • We have accident and emergency specialist who ensure that the immediate measures are taken before it is reported to the specialized body.
  • Our team are well equipped by the engineering guidelines and standards that must be followed in the region and we ensure that major projects undertaken are certified by their respective bodies.


Environmental sustainability

Nobody takes pride in environmental degradation; the earth is our home and making it habitable is our responsibility for the sake of our future generations. For any major project that we undertake, especially in construction, infrastructure and energy sectors, we ensure that a proper environmental impact assessment is done. The EIA includes social impacts as well as the economic impact of the project on the people in the neighbourhood. We seek alternatives that result in the balance within the environment as a result of the project at hand.

A keen observation on the natural habitats of endangered species and the best alternatives for their survival and the sake of the project is evaluated by our team, ensuring that no compromise is made.